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South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Forester Ranches

Pheasant Hunting Information

Our most popular game bird is the ring-necked pheasant and more hunters come to our area for this wily bird than any other. Partridge, both Hungarian and chukar, are abundant and represent our most popular game bird to pursue along with pheasant. Most years Huns constitute the majority of the partridge harvested. Yearly chukar harvest is influenced mainly by stocking efforts of the various agencies and subsequent marginal natural reproduction. Prairie Chicken and sharp tail grouse are numerous but elusive and provide those who want a challenge an opportunity to harvest a trophy type species that very few people ever have the chance to pursue.

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Don’t expect limits on these prairie bombshells, but when you bag a “chicken”, you become one of the few to do so in modern times. Bob white quail round out the upland birds that can be found. They are not abundant, but are located occasionally while hunting and can provide an unexpected mixture to an already diverse regime. 

Mule deer, whitetail deer, and turkey constitute the big game that can be hunted on the Forester Ranches. We tell our clients that if they wish to hunt big game, book an upland hunt during the various big game seasons and if the proper licenses are obtained, we will provide the archery or rifle hunting at no additional cost. We feel this is the most cost efficient plan available anywhere. We do not claim this to be necessarily a trophy hunt, although some respectable bucks are taken annually, we do claim that you will see plenty of deer.

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Waterfowl hunting is done the same way, book an upland hunt during waterfowl seasons and if the proper licenses are obtained, we will provide the hunting at no additional cost.

Forester Ranches has been entertaining guests for over 40 years. We enjoy a 90% repeat business. We feel the business model we follow contributes to our success. We hunt mostly small parties, we do not mix groups either in the field or at the lodge. We emphasize the pursuit and nobility of the hunt. Use of personal dogs is discouraged, special conditions apply.